Land Advocacy Fellowship 2022-2023

About the Fellowship

The Land Advocacy Fellowship is a two-year advocacy and leadership fellowship for current and aspiring young farmers and ranchers. Together, we will build momentum and shift power to advocate for policy change in the 2023 Farm Bill that elevates equitable and affordable land access. This fellowship is part of the National Young Farmers Coalition’s One Million Acres for the Future Campaignan initiative to ensure that land is equitably transitioned to the next generation of farmers by changing policy in the 2023 Farm Bill.

Why now?

As millions of acres of U.S. farmland are changing hands, we believe public policy holds the responsibility and the promise to facilitate land justice for the next generation of growers and land stewards. With the 2023 Farm Bill approaching, we believe now is the moment for action. The 2023 Farm Bill is a critical opportunity to bring our voices together and build power for change!

What to Expect

One hundred fellows will be selected to join this two-year program. This fellowship will be a majority BIPOC space and includes mentorship, professional development, advocacy training, co-created opportunities, independent and group work, a November 2022 fly-in to Washington, D.C., and a stipend of $3,000 per year.

Participants should expect to spend an average of 10 hours on this fellowship each month, with a smaller commitment during the summer. All sessions will be held online via Zoom. The fellowship will conclude in alignment with the reauthorization (the writing, passing, and signing of a bill into law) of the 2023 Farm Bill.

Fellowship Schedule

Application Window: November 15, 2022 through January 15, 2022

100 Fellows Notified: February 2022

Part 1 | Prepping the Soil: Skill Training Sessions
            March 2022 – October 2022

Part 2 | D.C. Fly-In
            November 2022

Part 3 | Building Together Sessions: Action and the Farm Bill 
            December 2022 – December 2023

Pandemic Safety and Flexibility

The pandemic continues to cause significant hardship in our communities, particularly for BIPOC communities. The pandemic has also been a catalyst for unprecedented cultural and policy change. The National Young Farmers Coalition will facilitate this fellowship online to create a safe and healthy space during this pandemic. As currently planned, the fellowship will include an in-person fly-in to Washington, D.C. to advocate for equitable and affordable land access policy in the 2023 Farm Bill. 

While the sessions will be held regularly every month, this pandemic has taught us to be flexible. Dates may potentially change during the course of the fellowship. Our fly-in to D.C. will be held with updated COVID-19 guidelines in place, and may be virtual depending on pandemic conditions at the time of the event.

Who Can Apply

Aspiring farmers and ranchers from all backgrounds and identities, and residing in any state or US territory are eligible to apply. We especially encourage and will prioritize applicants who are: BIPOC, queer, womxn, disabled, immigrants, and/or veterans. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

This fellowship is intended for current and aspiring farmers and ranchers who are interested in or already passionate about advocacy as a tool for achieving structural change

  • We generally define “aspiring farmers and ranchers” as anyone who has not yet achieved a farming or rancher position or who has lost a farming or rancher position, especially those who may not have access to the privileges that would allow for their aspiring farming or ranching operations to take place. 
  • We generally define “current farmers and ranchers” as anyone who has achieved a farming or rancher position including: farm owners, farm/ranch workers, harvesters, farm/ranch assistants, etc. 
  • Land practitioners including folks who participate in community growing efforts or land access and protection for growers in their community.

Selection Process

Submissions will be juried by members of the National Young Farmers Coalition. Our in-house jury panel will include active farmers and food systems professionals from the communities represented by our Fellowship Cohorts. There aren’t wrong or right answers in this process, but we want to have a group of fellows that represent different communities, geographies, and land stories.

Fellowship Funding

Thank you to Chipotle for providing support for the One Million Acres Campaign and this fellowship.

If selected as a Land Fellow you may have opportunities to be featured by the National Young Farmers Coalition and Chipotle through various media outlets. Being featured is NOT a requirement for fellowship selection.

Apply Here!

Land Advocacy Fellowship Application 2022-2023

If you have any questions check out our FAQ page. For further assistance, contact our Land Campaign Organizer, Connie Fiorella Fitzpatrick, and our Land Team at: and

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