Land Advocacy Fellowship 2022-2023

About the Fellowship

The Land Advocacy Fellowship is a two-year advocacy and leadership fellowship for current and aspiring young farmers and ranchers. Together, we will build momentum and shift power to advocate for policy change in the 2023 Farm Bill that elevates equitable and affordable land access. This fellowship is part of the National Young Farmers Coalition’s One Million Acres for the Future Campaignan initiative to ensure that land is equitably transitioned to the next generation of farmers by changing policy in the 2023 Farm Bill.

The application period is officially closed for the fellowship.

Why now?

As millions of acres of U.S. farmland are changing hands, we believe public policy holds the responsibility and the promise to facilitate land justice for the next generation of growers and land stewards. With the 2023 Farm Bill approaching, we believe now is the moment for action. The 2023 Farm Bill is a critical opportunity to bring our voices together and build power for change!

Take Action

Join the One Million Acres for the Future Campaign!


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