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Cydney Meadows


Cydney D. Meadows is a new age agriculturist who utilizes sustainable permaculture practices and updated farming techniques to fight against food scarcity and food insecurity, often caused by the lack of qualified personnel, food apartheid, and food deserts. She has worked as an educator and chair for Agriculture and Biotechnology Sciences in Duval County, Florida. Cydney completed her Masters degree at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, where she learned the impacts of agricultural, toxicology, and land management practices on ecological systems. In 2005, she penned “Influence Of Prescribed Burning On The Herpetofaunal and Small Mammal Communities in Grassland Areas of Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge,” making her the first African American Masters student to publish at SIU-C in the field of Zoology. This study and article helped to propel her to be a leading expert on herpetofaunal species management among her peers. She spent years working for the Fish and Wildlife Service on a biology team and used those tools to build on better handling, enclosure building, and animal husbandry of herpetofauna and small mammals. During this time she provided consultation and guidance to other farmers in CRP agreements. While a zoologist and educator at the St. Louis and Jacksonville Zoos, Cydney worked closely with the public to educate them on conservation issues that we face in the 21st century. Her organizational dedication to the goat yard, fowl atrium, and education services room was highly valued. Cydney holds an Agriculture/Biology certificate in the state of Florida that allowed her to teach biology, environmental science, and agriculture courses, as well as charter agriculture and biotechnology CTE programs and teach continued education courses for adults. Cydney worked to educate the public via social media with her urban agriculture company Refresh Sustainability, a company that aims to help counter the effects of food scarcity and insecurity in all corners of the Earth by providing people with practical thinking concerning food and resources, as well as sustainable solutions. Cydney continued to teach public and private courses abroad in the United States and British Virgin Islands until the category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria decimated the local economy and displaced her family and many friends. Currently, Cydney has safely returned to her island home in the Virgin Islands, where she is currently the director of the Island Fresh Aquaponics and Training Center.









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