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Emily Arasim


Emily Arasim was born and raised in Tesuque and now resides in Alcalde in the Española Valley of New Mexico. She is dedicated to working alongside community to protect traditional seed, farming, and water stewardship practices, and to participating in movements for environmental, economic, and social justice for land-based peoples of New Mexico. For the past seven seasons, she has been farming and caring for seeds under the mentorship of elders and friends on their projects around Northern New Mexico. Emily holds staff roles with the New Mexico Acequia Association (NMAA) and the Northern Youth Project (NYP); is a Board Member of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance; helped launch the Española Healing Foods Seed Library; and organizes with a collective of New Mexico’s ‘next generation’ young farmers. She spends her free time jamming to old school hip hop and learning how to be a better friend and partner, a yummy cook, and a herbal medicine maker.