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Maggie Smith


Maggie was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was inspired to grow food by all the wasted space filled with grass in the city. She has bounced from cooking to farming jobs throughout her 20’s and into her 30’s. Her hopes are to one day to find a way to sustainably grow produce and distribute it to people in the community, to as close to free as possible. The need to have access to healthy, fresh, delicious, varied foods in the city is huge, and the desire to get your hands and your back and your knees and your face in the sweat and dirt and sun of the day isn’t for everybody, understandably, but these two things together drive this long term goal of hers. She travelled to western Minnesota where she farmed for an organic CSA that served up to 200 people per summer, and split her time between the farm and the city for 8 years. She now cooks for a fine dining restaurant in South Minneapolis while she plots out her next move in the farming world.