Farmers need equitable access to land now.

That is why Young Farmers is launching the One Million Acres for the Future Campaign. With our partners, we are calling on Congress to make a historic investment in the 2023 Farm Bill to facilitate equitable access to one million acres of land for the next generation of farmers.

To win this change, we are building a coalition of partner organizations, engaging D.C. policymakers, and resourcing farmer advocates through the 2022-2023 Land Advocacy Fellowship.


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Read about the challenges farmers face, see the policy solutions that are required, hear stories of on-the-ground innovations, and explore resources from Young Farmers and other organizations.

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Farmer Voices

Young farmers across the country are navigating the challenge of accessing land. Read their stories to learn more about the realities of this process and the policy solutions that will help.

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Policy Solutions

Bold, systemic change is required to tackle the land access challenge. Explore our growing policy library to see key, actionable steps and connect with organizations advancing land policy.

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Young farmers deserve equitable land access.

Access to land is the number one challenge facing the next generation of farmers in the United States, and centuries of discrimination and dispossession have put this resource out of reach of farmers who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in particular.

With millions of acres on the verge of changing hands and leaving agriculture forever, the 2023 Farm Bill—the primary food and agriculture policy tool of the U.S. government—is our last chance to ensure this land transitions equitably to the next generation.

Join us! We are building a coalition to advocate for equitable land policy change in the 2023 Farm Bill.

Farmer Voices

Young farmers across the country are navigating the daunting challenge of accessing land with tenacity and creativity. Their actions are just one piece of the puzzle, however. As these farmers’ experiences show, networks of community support are vital and policy change is sorely needed. Read the farmer stories shared here to learn more about the realities of finding secure land access and the policy solutions that will help.

Our Land Advocacy Fellowship

“Learn more about the Land Advocacy Fellowship, a two-year advocacy and leadership program for current and aspiring young farmers and ranchers. Together, we will build momentum and shift power to advocate for policy change in the 2023 Farm Bill that elevates equitable and affordable land access.”

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Martice Scales – Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Full Circle Healing

“It’s easy to get caught up in policy jargon, believe me I understand. But to put it in a way that is easier to digest and put you in the shoes of someone who was/is a recipient of all of this dispossession and discrimination, let me tell you a snippet of a story about my grandparents’ farm and how we lost it many many years ago.”

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Hannah Breckbill - Decorah, Iowa, Humble Hands Harvest

“We also risked a lot ourselves, in terms of finances, time, and physical, intellectual, and emotional effort, all while building a worker-owned business not based on the typical hetero-nuclear family farm. We were privileged to have our hard work and creative solutions pay off, but not everyone who wants to farm has the same combination of luck, fallback resources, supportive community, and appetite for risk (or naïveté!) that we did.”

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