Towards a More Equitable Farming Future

Land, policy, and power are closely intertwined. As millions of acres of U.S. farmland are changing hands, public policy holds the responsibility and the promise to facilitate land justice for the next generation of growers. Read our new report and explore this website to understand the issue, see policy solutions, and take action.

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Explore the Issue

Read about the challenges farmers face, see the policy solutions that are required, hear stories of on-the-ground innovations, and explore resources from Young Farmers and other organizations.

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Farmer Stories

Young farmers across the country are navigating the challenge of accessing land. Read their stories to learn more about the realities of this process and the policy solutions that will help.

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Policy Solutions

Bold, systemic change is required to tackle the land access challenge. Explore our growing policy library to see key, actionable steps and connect with organizations advancing land policy.

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What's the Issue?

Land determines who has the opportunity to succeed in agriculture in the United States, yet access to this resource is deeply unequal. Land ownership is rooted in the dispossession of Indigenous land and stolen labor, and the effects of this show up throughout our food system and society. Land is at the base of racial equity, food sovereignty, economic prosperity, public health, and the climate crisis. As we address these issues, land must be part of the conversation.

The time to act is now. Millions of acres of farmland are changing hands, representing an incredible opportunity to shift power and resources, yet secure land access is the number one barrier preventing a generation of growers from entering the field. Whether you are a grower, policymaker, or supporter, we hope this website and report provide you with the tools and information you need to advocate for change. Click to read more about the challenges farmers face, understand the policy solutions that are required, and explore land access resources.

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Farmer Stories

Young farmers across the country are navigating the daunting challenge of accessing land with tenacity and creativity. Their actions are just one piece of the puzzle, however. As these farmers’ experiences show, networks of community support are vital and policy change is sorely needed. Read the farmer stories shared here to learn more about the realities of finding secure land access and the policy solutions that will help.

Mo Browne, Berkeley Basket CSA

“There aren’t very many people doing what we’re doing, just knocking on people’s doors and saying ‘You’ve got great sun! Can we build some beds back there?'”

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Joaquin Jimenez, Rancho San Benito

“It is about maintaining our heritage and keeping it alive for new generations...we heal the land and the land will provide us with healthy food to heal ourselves and our bodies.”

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Melissa Law & Ben Whalen, Bumbleroot Organic Farm

“We consider climate change to be the biggest challenge our business will face in the decades to come.”

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Thank you to Clif Bar for generously supporting Young Farmers, and for ongoing advocacy and policy engagement.