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Benu Amun-Ra


Benu Amun-Ra is a social entrepreneur, speaker, disability advocate, single mother, and primary caregiver to both a parent and a child living with physical and developmental disabilities. She has a passion for sharing the human connection through her advocacy work in her local BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community. She is a J.E.D.I. Master leading with compassion and a collective ‘mindset’ to educate, engage, and empower the disenfranchised through food activism, intergenerational healing and fighting social injustices. She believes in expanding the human experience through nature, creative arts, storytelling, ceremony, history, ritual, and encouraging positive transformation on a local and national level as an agent of change. Benu hopes to create a healing sanctuary where she can address generational trauma through connecting with our planet via growing food, understanding the intersectional relationships we have within all ecosystems, and bringing more awareness by educating our youth through elder mentorship, embodying the seven generation rule. She has recently created the Sacred Ancestors Seed Initiative (S.A.S.I.) to increase knowledge of the importance of seeds and biodiversity, including a non-profit education eco-center that focuses on indigenous practices. Benu hopes that both projects will help to return communities to ancestral ways of being, not only with ourselves and families but with all beings on this planet.