Hannah Breckbill


I started Humble Hands Harvest, a direct-market vegetable farm, in 2013 and accessed landownership in 2017 to grow my business. I farm cooperatively with one co-farmer and we’re looking toward onboarding another co-owner or two in the next few years, which means a lot of work around communication and conflict engagement, shared vision, and work/life balance. It’s such a worthwhile challenge to figure out how to be in right relationship with each other. We raise grass-fed lamb and pastured pork on our 22 acres as well as the vegetables, and we’re planting fruit and nut trees wherever we can fit them in! I’m contracted as a Land Access Navigator with Practical Farmers of Iowa, which means that I get to consult with and coach beginning farmers who are looking for more solid land tenure, and that work keeps me busy envisioning possibilities for what the landscape here in Northeast Iowa could look like.