2022-2023 Land Advocacy Fellow

Cally Hale

Cally Hale is a 5th generation farmer living on her family homestead with her father, aunt, and brother in Western Colorado. Western Heritage Farms works to preserve food history through community outreach and the local farmers market. Cally also works

Andrew W Chae

Andy grew up skateboarding in Detroit and Chicago. He attended DePaul University, graduating in 2013 with a double major in Environmental Studies and Political Science. While in Chicago he became enamored with urban farming and saw it as a way

Veronica Mazariegos-Anastassiou

Veronica Mazariegos-Anastassiou is a farmer and operator at Brisa Ranch, a 15-acre diversified fruit and vegetable operation in Pescadero, California. Vero has been farming on the Central California Coast for the past 6 years. She earned a Master’s degree in

Ritchie Wai

I work to support and train farmers in the Stateline region of Illinois and Wisconsin.

Ash Abeyta

Ash Abeyta is from Espanola, New Mexico and has been working on vegetable farms for over a decade. They are now part of a farming collective in Albuquerque called Ashokra Farm where they work to reimagine a farming future that

Char’Rese Finney

I’m an aspiring farmer and beginning beekeeper from Richmond, Virginia. I’m interested in creating a forest farm in Central Virginia once I find land to do so.

Kaitlin Akemi Oki

Kaitlin Akemi Oki is committed to the political, economic, and personal realization of land as a commons that belongs to and nourishes all beings. Whether through coalition building, stewardship, or education, she sees herself as a facilitator of reconnecting people

Jazz Marr

I’m an urban farmer currently doing my first CSA collaboration in Omaha, Nebraska. My farm is called Sweet Selma. I’m going into my third year of this work and am constantly figuring out what farming is for me. I farm

Molly Rockamann

Molly Rockamann is founder and CEO of EarthDance Organic Farm School, a nonprofit educational farm focused on advancing food justice. Her major roles are to lead the team at EarthDance to achieve an abundance of healthy food production, farm and

Kel Komenda

I co-own a specialty-cut flower farm with my partner, Rebecca Maillet. Rebecca started the farm in 2018, and as her romantic partner, I instantaneously became the after-hours and weekend helper with the farm’s inception. I lost my day job with

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