PARA PUBLICACIÓN INMEDIATA: National Young Farmers Coalition lanza recursos en línea gratuitos sobre acceso a tierra

PARA PUBLICACIÓN INMEDIATA Contacto:, Communications Director, | View full release and contacts HUDSON, NY (23 de enero de 2020) – Asegurar acceso a tierras es uno de los pilares en la habilidad de un agricultor tener éxito en cultivar alimentos y construir su negocio. Comprar o arrendar terrenos agrícolas es usualmente el primer gran riesgo financiero que […]

RELEASE: Finding Farmland Course and Calculator help beginning farmers reduce their risks when accessing land

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:, Communications Director, | View full release and contacts HUDSON, NY (January 23, 2020) – Secure access to land is at the foundation of a farmer’s ability to succeed in growing food and building their business. Buying or leasing farmland is often the biggest investment a farmer will make in their career, but it […]

New Tools For Young Farmers Seeking Land

Thinking about buying or renting land? Check out our free Finding Farmland Calculator and Online Course to compare financing options, analyze costs, and understand what you can afford. También en Español! Land access is the number one challenge In 2017, the National Young Farmers Coalition (Young Farmers) surveyed more than 3,500 young farmers and ranchers […]