Cast Your Vote for a Fair Farm Bill!

Yes, the presidential election is over.  But that doesn’t mean we’re done in DC for the fight for beginning farmers.  Now that your vote was counted in the political races, it’s time to cast another vote, this one for a better Farm Bill that supports beginning farmers. Sign on to the Young Farmers/National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition petition to let Congress know that you want a fair, sustainable Farm Bill today – one... Read More

Massachusetts Beginning Farmer Network Forum Next Week

NYFC is pleased to be able to spread the word about this beginning farmer network starting up in Massachusetts.  MA farmers – check it out!  Anyone in other areas not yet involved with a young/beginning farmer coalition, contact us to learn how to get one going. BFN/Mass Fall Forum- November 13th from 10:30 to 2:30 at the Charlton Public Library.  Register at     Are you a new farmer or thinking about... Read More

South Dakota Trains a Network of Beginning Ranchers with Help from BFRDP Funding

Ken Olson is the extension beef specialist at South Dakota State’s West River Agricultural Center. He came to South Dakota from Montana, where he grew up on a farm that ultimately wasn’t large enough to support both him and his brother. Though he teaches agricultural science for a living at SDSU, the highlight of his career has been his work developing an exciting rancher training program funded by the Beginning Farmers and Ranchers’... Read More

The Farm Bill’s Real Impact – BFRDP Helps Train the Next Generation

My name is Sophie Ackoff, I have been an apprentice at Glynwood Farm.  Like so many other beginning farmers today, I don’t come from a farming family and I have no land or agricultural skills to inherit from my parents.  I believe that the government needs to support beginning farmers and shouldn’t short-change farmer training programs.  Please act now to send that message to Congress. I grew up in suburban Southern California, a region... Read More

NYFC Signs on to Call for Investing in Beginning and Underserved Farmers

NYFC has joined with the Land Stewardship Project and other agriculture organizations around the country in signing on to an organizational letter to Congress calling for proper investment in USDA programs supporting a bright future for American agriculture when they reconvene after the election. The letter urges action on a new farm bill along with inclusion/investment in two key programs: the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program and... Read More

Latest Development on the Farm Bill – We Need to Mobilize Now!

Some bad news came in from Washington yesterday, but there’s a silver lining… The Senate voted 67-31 to proceed with a vote to pass the 6-month Continuing Resolution that the House passed last week, extending 2012 funding levels until March 27, 2013.  The actual vote will take place in the next few days and is expected to pass. Why is this bad news?  Well, it hurts a lot of the conservation programs that we think are beneficial to American... Read More

Oklahoma Farmers Appeal to Congressman Lucas for Support

Recently, a group of Oklahoma’s finest young farmers met with Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK) to discuss the US Farm Bill and the needs of Oklahoma’s next generation of food producers.  The meeting was organized by Samantha Joelle Honey Lamb, a greenhorn farmer of 3 years in Hobart, Oklahoma.  The proprietor of Early Bird Acres, she concentrates on dairy & poultry, but she also raises pigs, sheep & beef cattle, and teaches fellow... Read More

For the Native and the New

It was less than 90 years ago when the perfect storm of environmental destruction culminated from the combination of poor farming practices and brutal drought conditions. The Dust Bowl of the 1930’s is the reminder of what consequences result from the work of over-ambitious, newly settled farmers. In return for neglecting the delicate balance of the ecosystem, they reaped what they had sowed in excess.  The careless exploitation of the soil resulted... Read More

Pioneering Latino Farmer Training in Louisiana

Kathia Duran and three LFCL members When Kathia Duran, now the Executive Director of the Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana, began selling her cheeses at farmers’ markets in the New Orleans area, she was one of only three Latino vendors. Although many of her fellow Latinos were also agriculturalists in the region,  they did not have opportunities to access the direct sales market. She recognized within the Latino community a great interest... Read More

Thanks to farm bill funding, The Land Stewardship Project is helping farmers grow farmers

This is a new series of blog posts to highlight the amazing programs funded by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program.  This grant program is slated for a 50% cut in the 2012 Farm Bill.  The Land Stewardship Project has successfully trained young farmers for the past 15 years with its farmer-led, community-based sustainable agriculture program—Farm Beginnings. The program has evolved substantially, thanks to funding from the USDA’s... Read More

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