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  1. iI’m a not young farmer in Brasil, i’m 57 years old, the farm is especifically in Pantanal área. I don’t know if you can help us but we are under pressure of NGOS because what they think are indians lands. I had my property invaded, my family is about 150 years in this lands we have all the documents to prove it. But, the Brasilian Federal Government signed with ONU and OIT an agreement and a comitmennt to give lands to indians groups. The indians are invading the farms, burning house, killing animals and all sort of barbarism…could you help us? Could you alert peolple in US and europe about what’s really happening? Thanks, Miriam Corrêa.

  2. Seeking a speaker for Petaluma Grange Mon., Nov. 25th – so enjoyed the presentation and music of Evan Wiig and his friend on Sax at the CA State Grange Convention. Possible for Evan to visit us? Would like to hear what it would take to start a Petaluma Young Farmers Guild – and interface with our new Grange Youth Program.

    Looking forward to hearing from YFG!

  3. HI! I am a community development professional and I have recently relocated to southwest Missouri (home) to be closer to my family. I am EXTREMELY interested in shifting my professional focus to urban agriculture and just trying to figure out how to break in to the regional scene. I come to the table with 15+ years of experience…public relations, marketing, grant writing, fundraising, economic development, etc.

    As a lifelong student, I am wide open to guidance, leads, and encouragement. Thank you!

  4. Hello Pacific Northwest! I am a farmer in Woodinville and believe it or not, Olympia, WA as well. I had my own farm in Maine for 17 years and now I live in the mild and beautiful Puget Sound region! I now only grow row crops, but my specialty is raising and marketing livestock of all kinds from grass. I am especially stoked to work with sheep for meat/milk/cheese/wool, goats for meat/milk, hogs, poultry and cattle. Right now I am pretty much only growing row crops. If anyone out there has some options for me, so i can get more involved with growing and raising animals on grass I would love to talk. I would love to work part-time for those of you looking to add livestock to your operation!

  5. Loved you tedx talk, with that passion you could make a difference in DC for changing farm policy. Right now im taking a Permaculture Design Course and its the biggest multiplier/game changer for empowering young farmers, as you can develop abundance on less land with fewer inputs and more outputs than any other agriculture system. That would help reduce the need for as much lending for land and working capital, at least until the system changes to work for us.

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