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about the program

The Root and Bloom Fellowship is an advocacy and power-building educational opportunity for 35-40 farmers across the country. Organized into two major phases, ROOT and BLOOM, fellows will explore how many of the challenges young and BIPOC farmers face nationwide are deeply woven and rooted in federal agriculture policy. Progressing through the fellowship, fellows will explore the ways those same policies and power dynamics play out in their communities and regions, blooming into new opportunities, positions of power, local relationships, and projects, to make change at home.

Over 9 months, from September 2024 to June 2025, Root and Bloom fellows will meet (virtually) for bimonthly sessions that will foster relationships amongst this geographically diverse cohort, allow space to dive deep into topics like organizing, advocacy, power analysis (and so much more!), and ultimately culminate in fellows pursuing local and regional leadership positions. Fellows will receive stipends for their time spent on program activities, and we estimate this fellowship to be a 4-6 hour per month time commitment. The stipend is split into three payments across the 9 month fellowship, totaling approximately $2,000 over the full program length. The first stipend will be distributed in December 2024 and is $720. In 2025, we’ll have two similar amount payments, one in April and one in June, at the end of the fellowship. The total amount will be roughly $2000 per fellow for the 9 month program.

NOTE: All participants will need to be comfortable with programming (speaking, reading, and writing) happening in English.


Important Dates

Application timeline:
Applications open: April 22
Applications close: June 10 @ 11:59pm ET

Notice to selected fellows: Mid-July
Full program starts September 2024

This fellowship may be a good fit for you if you resonate with the following statements:

  • I am interested in exploring how policy change can be an opportunity for improvement in my life, farm, and community circumstances. 
  • I am curious to understand better how power moves within different levels of government in the United States.
  • I am interested in pursuing decision-making, leadership, and public service positions myself.
  • I hold a deep understanding of racial equity as a need in our agricultural policy systems. 
  • I am passionate about being a part of both a national collective and remaining grounded in purpose in local community change opportunities. 
  • Applicants must be actively involved in agriculture – farming, ranching, stewarding land, or growing food. This can include owning your own farm business, working on a farm, or something in between. 
    • NOTE: To participate in the Root & Bloom Fellowship, current involvement in agriculture is required. We will not consider applications from folks who are not currently active farmers.
  • Applicants can be based anywhere in the U.S. – we are looking for a wide geographic distribution. 
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old as of June 30, 2024.
  • There are no preferences for what applicants produce on their operations or for their current scale of farm.
  • We strongly encourage farmers of color, indigenous farmers, and farmers who may be underrepresented in agricultural leadership positions to apply.
  • Staff of the National Young Farmers Coalition are not eligible to apply.
  • Previous fellows of any Young Farmer Fellowship Program are not eligible to apply.
    • If you have been through a previous Coalition fellowship, thank you for your interest! The Root and Bloom fellowship will cover many topics and skills that you’ve already built in previous fellowship programming.

What to Expect:

  • A stipend to cover the cost of your time spent in the program
    • ~ 20 hours in 2024 (September – December)
    • ~ 40 hours in 2025 (January – June) 
  • Dedicated time to build relationships with the fellow cohort
  • A significant amount of independent project work time
  • Dedicated staff support throughout program from the Young Farmers team

Requirements (to be completed by the end of the program)

  • Attendance in at least 85% of workshops, sessions, and fellowship activities
    • Regular fellowship sessions will occur twice a month, generally in two hour periods of time. Fellowship session will happen on Zoom. 
    • If you need to miss a session, please do your best to communicate with program staff ahead of time!
  • Research and write a strategic proposal to attain a position of the fellow’s choosing (detailed guidelines given once fellowship starts)
  • Carry out the proposal – run for a board, seek an appointment, etc. (again, more details provided in program!)
  • Engage with advocacy and policy opportunities through the Coalition’s active campaigns
  • Host an In-District meeting with one of your Members of Congress in April 2025
  • Share out about your experience to support future farmer leaders who are interested in similar roles learn more

If you’re not sure if you qualify, or if you have other questions, please reach out to
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