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Land Policy Report

As a coalition of farmers, land is at the heart of our work. Finding secure access to land is the number one barrier preventing a generation of growers from entering the field. Land is also at the root of racial equity, food sovereignty, economic prosperity, public health, and the climate crisis. As we address these issues, land must be part of the conversation.

We wrote this report to draw attention to the importance of land access for farmers and ranchers, to illustrate the nuances of this issue, and to offer a path forward through policy change. For policy makers and advocates, we hope this report compels you to action and provides you with the information you need to be effective. For farmers struggling to access land, we hope you see that the forces working against you are pervasive and long-standing. Tell your story; your voice is critical and powerful.

Visit our land site for farmer case studies, policy solutions, and other land resources.


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Sophie Ackoff, Evan Flom, Vanessa García Polanco, David Howard, Jessica Manly, Carolina Mueller, Holly Rippon-Butler, Lytisha Wyatt


National Young Farmers Coalition

Date Published

December 16, 2020

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