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Building a Future with Farmers II

In this report, NYFC presents the findings of our 2017 National Young Farmer Survey, uncovering the most pressing challenges and brightest opportunities for our nation’s young farmers and ranchers. Conducted with 94 partner organizations, the survey collected data from over 3,500 young farmers and ranchers across the U.S.  The top challenge cited by respondents was land access, followed by student loan debt, labor, and health care. Based on the survey results, this report concludes with the “Young Farmer Agenda,” a comprehensive policy platform.

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National Young Farmer Survey reveals a generation ready to defy odds
National Young Farmers Coalition issues report on survey results; calls on lawmakers, businesses, and consumers to promote the “Young Farmer Agenda” as Congress writes a new farm bill.

HUDSON, NY (Nov. 27, 2017) – According to the 2017 National Young Farmer Survey, America’s new generation of young farmers expect to overcome major barriers to their success in agriculture, including access to land, affordable health care, and mounting student loan debt; but success will require deliberate policy change at all levels of government. The survey was conducted by the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) in partnership with Dr. Kathleen Merrigan, Executive Director of Sustainability at George Washington University and former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture.

“The time is now for our country to help young farmers defy the odds, preserve farming as a livelihood, and revitalize our nation’s rural economy,” said Lindsey Lusher Shute, Executive Director and Co-founder of NYFC. “This report proves that there are thousands of young people ready to build new farms in the United States, but we’ve got to do our part and make sure that they will succeed.”

The survey, conducted with 94 partner organizations, collected data from 3,517 current, former, and aspiring U.S. farmers under 40 years of age. The top challenge cited by young farmers is land access, particularly finding and affording land on a farm income. It is also the main reason why farmers quit farming and why aspiring farmers haven’t yet started.

A ground-breaking survey of young farmers and ranchers

“America desperately needs young people to repopulate our farm and ranch lands. This survey reveals the daunting challenges they face. As policymakers sit down to write our next farm bill, I hope they pay attention to these survey findings,” said Dr. Merrigan. “If nothing more is done to help transition young people into American agriculture, we will be importing all our food.”

NYFC reports that young farmers surveyed are capitalizing on the demand for local food by selling directly to consumers and growing a diversity of crops and livestock. The survey also indicates a generation of producers strongly committed to environmental stewardship, with 75% of current young farmers describing their practices as “sustainable,” and 63% describing their farming as “organic,” though many of them have not sought certification.

Like their millennial counterparts, young farmers surveyed by NYFC were highly educated and increasingly racially diverse, and despite challenges and relatively low income, the survey found high optimism: 63% of respondents said they are making or eventually would make sufficient income to meet their life goals.

“Things are changing in American agriculture and our perceptions and policies need to keep pace,” said Dr. Merrigan. “This survey reveals that it’s no longer Old MacDonald of storybook fame. Rather, it’s Ms. MacDonald, a college graduate who didn’t grow up on the farm and considers her farming practices to be sustainable or organic.” 

Margaret Schlass of One Woman Farm in PA. Photo credit: Don Holtz

How lawmakers can help young farmers

Considering these findings, NYFC calls on lawmakers to enact the “Young Farmer Agenda,” a slate of policy reforms based on survey findings which includes: addressing land access and affordability; helping young farmers manage student debt; increasing the skilled agricultural workforce; enabling farmers to invest in on-farm conservation; improving credit, savings, and risk management opportunities for young farmers; and addressing racial inequity among farmers. (See full policy recommendations here.)

Young farmers need consumer, community, and business support

“Ensuring the success of our nation’s newest farmers and ranchers requires deliberate policy change at all levels of government,” said Shute. “It also demands the support of every stakeholder—individuals, communities, and businesses.”

NYFC calls on supporters to act: help grow your local food economy; rent or sell farmland to young and beginning farmers; enable your business to be part of the solution; and join NYFC to add your voice to the young farmer movement.

The full survey, including the executive summary, charts, policy recommendations, and stakeholder action steps, is available here.


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Sophie Ackoff, Evan Flom, Vanessa García Polanco, David Howard, Jessica Manly, Carolina Mueller, Holly Rippon-Butler, Lytisha Wyatt


National Young Farmers Coalition

Date Published

November 23, 2017

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