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Salad Garden at the marketWhile food safety is extremely important, our concern is that the FDA may have missed something in creating these rules that end up have a negative impact on the farm while not making the consumer any safer.  That is why the FDA has opened this comment period, lasting until May 16th: to give us a chance to express concerns and offer changes.  Below are a few starter ideas to consider.

Got questions or concerns?  Head to the NYFC forum on FSMA to discuss and to give us your input. 

As we get closer to the FDA deadline, NYFC will be wrapping together everything that is brought up to write an organizational comment. You can of course also issue a comment yourself – head to the FDA dockets directory.

For an overview of the section relating to produce growers, read the NYFC fact sheet on FSMA. The proposed rule in its entirety is available here.

Some potential questions to get you rolling:

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