Federal Policy Setting Process


Want to learn more about our federal policy setting process? Keep reading to meet our Policy Committee members and get an overview of our policy setting timeline for the next few years!


The Young Farmers’ federal policy setting process created the Policy Committee, made up of 15 dues-paying representatives–10 regional members (1 general seat for each region and 1 BIPOC seat for each region) and 5 representatives from Young Farmers new affinity groups–and 1 non-voting board liaison. 

The Committee is responsible for providing guidance on the design and feasibility of the policy survey and the development of the platform based on the results of the policy survey and policy meetings. The Committee will also lead the presentation of the final platform and conduct listening sessions at Convergence.

For any questions or to submit an emerging policy concern memo to the Committee, please contact policycommittee@youngfarmers.org. Please remember that memo submissions must be new, meaning they cannot be an issue presented in a policy meeting or survey, and not exist in any form already in the platform, and must be peer-reviewed by your peer group (i.e. Young Farmers staff, chapter members, regional members or affinity group). In other words, staff will have to present the memo to full staff before submitting, chapter members will have to present to the National Leadership Council, affinity group members will have to present to their affinity group, etc. Please email policy@youngfarmers.org with questions or help with this process.


Meet the 2020 Policy Committee


Since the process will run on a timeline based on the Congressional calendar, half of the first policy committee will serve through the first year of the 117th Congress (term ending December 2021) and the other half serving through the first year of the 118th Congress (term ending December 2022)

This year (2020), Young Farmers staff and the Policy Committee will work together to analyze the results of the survey and policy meetings, assemble the new federal policy platform and present it (along with the results of the survey and meetings) at Convergence, and put the platform components up to a vote by the Coalition’s membership. 

Next year (2021) will include implementation of the platform in DC, analysis of the results of annual policy meetings, survey design for the following year, and conducting a listening session on the process itself at Convergence. The process will complete its cycle at this time and begin again at the start of the process for year one. 

If you have any questions about the above, please reach out to the federal policy team at policy@youngfarmers.org. 

Read the Full Proposal!


Watch the policy process presentation at Convergence 2019

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