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Simon Yevzelman


My passion lies in decentralizing food systems in order to create a robust agricultural network that can provide variety and abundance of nutrition. I also work to create a culture of food safety to reduce the burden of food borne illness, particularly the troubled category of leafy greens. My education and work experience have highlighted the need to make emerging technologies available and affordable to growers, manufacturers, and processors in order to provide sustainable and safe food. I hope to contribute to a food system that will handle the stress of climate change and address the socioeconomic injustice in nutrition and agriculture that trouble the American food system. And as a first-generation American, I hope to return dignity and equity to migrant workers who are the backbone of American agriculture. I am currently working as Leader of Food Safety and Compliance with Planted Detroit, a vertical farm based in the Islandview neighborhood of Detroit. We pride ourselves on providing high quality food and career-focused jobs for our community. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan in Microbiology, and a Master’s degree from University of Stirling in Sustainable Aquaculture. It is a privilege to serve on the Federal Policy Committee, and I hope to bring about positive change.