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Kaitlin Oki


Kaitlin Oki is mixed-race Japanese-American genderqueer farmer and food sovereignty advocate, who currently practices farming at the Cloverleaf Farm, a small-scale organic fruit farm in Davis, California. Kaitlin’s interest in agriculture takes root in her observation that the average person’s relationship with their food ranges from broken to traumatic, with ramifications that impact their body, lifestyle, culture, politics and planet. She aspires to create opportunities for everyday people to break free of the oppressive chains of the food system, heal from the trauma imposed by systems of oppression, and reclaim their relationship with food, farmers, community and environment. Kaitlin champions cooperatives and land trusts as a viable method for organizing communities and coalitions to challenge the dominant capitalist paradigm, reclaim community-based control of the economy, and uplift BIPOC voices and foodways. When Kaitlin isn’t farming or fighting for food justice, she is often cooking for friends, eating, drinking, sniffing fermenting food experiments, or otherwise expressing her primary love language of food.