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Many of the challenges we face as young farmers can be tackled at home through strong networks. That’s why farmers across the country are forming National Young Farmers Coalition chapters that support collaboration and advocacy. From organizing cooperative buying clubs to equipment shares to barn parties, Young Farmers chapters are a platform for forging collective success and connectedness.

The Coalition has 40+ chapters in 28 states with more in development. We envision a community of young farmers in every region, but to make that happen, we need you!

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Toolbox for starting a Young Farmers chapter in your region

Interested in starting a new chapter? Our organizing handbook explains how our chapters work and walks you through what you need to know to organize young farmers in your region to build collective success.



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WATCH: Build the Movement: Farmer Parties


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  1. I am located in southern Idaho and am a fifth generation farmer. I am the president of my county for the Idaho Grain Growers Association. I would love to be involved in this organization. I am a strong advocate for reaching out to the public and informing them about what we do and how we farm.

  2. Hi Lucas, thanks for reaching out to us. We’d love to work with you! I will email you directly so that we can start organizing. Anyone else who is looking to organize with us, you can email directly to connect with us.

  3. Are you starting a chapter in Idaho? I see the comment from Lucas from last November, but do not see a chapter here yet. I too am located in southern Idaho, and work with community youth on different projects. I would love to see this get started out here.

  4. I am making a donation by check and would like a director’s name to send it to in Hudson New York… or local chapter near Palo Alto… my new book has a chapter dedicated to preserving pastoral beauty and the community of agricultural life.

    best, lynn

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