This is a video aimed at Qualified Exempt farmers who use Quickbooks to manage their income (and expenses, of course, but we’re just talking about income here).

Qualified Exempt farmers need to fill out paperwork each year to prove that they’re exempt, which needs to show their income from food and how much of that income was sold to “qualified end users.” We think that with a few tweaks to Quickbooks you might be able to churn our this report pretty easily each year.

This isn’t really a beginner video, but Quickbook pros or novices who find this video too confusing will want to see this template referenced in the video. You’ll also want to see the flowchart we referenced. And the SOP to go along with the video. Check out to find those resources.

This was created with the lovely Elaine Lemmon from Kitchen Table Consultants. I even had to edit out all of our laughing, which isn’t a common feature of Quickbooks videos.