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The Young Farmer Network of Southeastern New England is an organization of farmers based in Providence and serving the surrounding region, including farmers from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We are a farmer-run network that works towards the viability of new farms by providing opportunities for education and advocacy, and strengthening the social and professional networks between farmers from all backgrounds and ages. Our mission is to support farmers developing socially, ecologically and economically sustainable farm businesses and happy lives by cultivating personal and professional relationships between people of all ages and backgrounds across state borders. At the heart of our programming is a strong social network which supports a resilient community. We aim to create agricultural community that is actively welcoming, and accessible to all people of every age, race, class, farm type, and ability. We encourage growth, development and diversity in all types of agriculture, including food, fiber, and forestry.

The backbone of our group is our annual Young Farmer Night series, which involves biweekly tours and potlucks on farms in our region. In the winter months we run free or low-cost Short Courses, whose goal is to delve deeply into specific topics that aren’t always covered in conference or traditional workshop settings. We also facilitate a monthly Justice & Agriculture Working Group.

Visit us online: