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How Do I Apply for the USDA Discrimination Financial Assistance Program?

Are you interested in applying for the USDA Discrimination Financial Assistance Program but need more information? The deadline to apply is January 13, 2024. Here are more details about completing the application. If you need more information or would like to receive technical assistance in completing your application please contact Rachael Stewart at

There are multiple ways that you can submit an application:

Benefits of applying online via the e-Filing system:

  • Instant access to your application status. Login to your account to see the status of your application as it progresses through the review phase.
  • Instant access to correspondence sent by the program staff. This includes information on the completeness of your application and requests for additional information to avoid any processing delays.
  • Upload your supporting documents directly to the program website. This will allow you to upload relevant documents directly to the program website.
  • Get instant information on the completeness of your application. This will identify whether you have skipped any part of it—so you will be more likely to avoid an incomplete application.
  • Only answer the questions relevant to you. You may not be required to fill in all sections of the application. The application will only present the questions relevant to you, based on how you answer qualifying questions.

Mailing a paper copy:

There are two methods to obtain a paper copy of the application:

  1. Download a copy of the application.
    If you need the application in a language other than English or Spanish, please contact the DFAP Call Center at or phone at 1-800-721-0970.
  2. Email the National Administrator at or call the DFAP Call Center at 1-800-721-0970 and request that an application be mailed to you.

Please do not email the USDA your application or supporting documentation for this program. The USDA will not be able to consider Applications and/or supporting documents sent via email.

Submission instructions:

  1. Type or print your answers using black or blue ink. Your application must be readable by our representatives. If we are unable to read your application, this may result in its denial or a request to provide an updated application.
  2. Use either of the following to make your selection when answering a question that has a box or a circle: ✔ – or – X
  3. A signature is required; include a signed Signature Page (Step {10} of the application) with your completed application form.
  4. Be sure all documents you submit, including your application and all the supporting documents, have your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number printed at the top of the first page of each document.
  5. If you submit a Statement Under Penalty of Perjury Template by another person, in support of your application, you should use the form available at Resources and Documents or a document substantially like it.
  6. Please make and keep your own copies of all supporting documents that accompany your application. Do not include original supporting documents with your submission. They will not be returned to you and may be destroyed after the program concludes, in accordance with records management requirements.
  7. To submit your paper application, you can send the form itself, appendices, and copies of your supporting documents in one of the following ways:
    • Mail (first class or overnight) to the appropriate Regional Hub; choose based on the location of the farm that is the subject of this application. (See list of states, commonwealths, and territories below)
    • Drop off at the appropriate Regional Hub; walk-in locations are available below.
  8. Applications and/or supporting documentation, will not be accepted via email, thumb drive or facsimile.
  9. Your application will be processed by the Main Regional Office nearest the farm or ranch listed in the application. This page provides the regional assignments by state/territory. Each region has at least one physical location. You may call or visit these locations to get help completing the application.
Mailing Address States, Commonwealths, and Territories Covered by Each Region
Region 1

22007 Application Processing Center

Attn: Windsor Group, LLC

c/o DFAP Region 1

6710A Rockledge Dr., Ste 400,

Bethesda, MD 20817




District of Columbia





New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York

North Carolina


Rhode Island

South Carolina



West Virginia

Region 2

22007 Application Processing Center

Attn: Windsor Group, LLC

c/o DFAP Region 2

Gainesville Technology

Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC)

2153 SE Hawthorne Rd,

Suite 217

Gainesville, FL 32641










Puerto Rico


US Virgin Islands


Region 3

22007 Application Processing Center

c/o Mon Abri Business Center

2524 N Broadway

Suite 338

North Edmond, OK 73034









North Dakota


South Dakota


Region 4

22007 Application Processing Center

c/o Mon Abri Business Center

2524 N Broadway

Suite 338

North Edmond, OK 73034



American Samoa









New Mexico





Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Submitting your application in-person at a local office:

You may drop off a completed Application and supporting documentation at any of the program’s dedicated Local Offices. (Note: This program is being administered by nongovernmental entities, therefore these offices are not FSA county or state offices.)

Alternatively, if you need additional assistance in preparing your application, and feel more comfortable talking to someone in person, you may visit any of the program’s dedicated Local Offices.

  • You can fill out the online application on a computer in the office; or
  • Have an agent provide assistance inputting the application online by answering questions to the application, in-person.

In-person regional office locations:

Visit the in-person local office list to find your nearest office.
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