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Convention recap: Is there a farming platform?


By Eric Hansen, NYFC Policy Analyst 

Agriculture was conspicuously absent from the conversation at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. We already noted in The Hill the missed opportunity this presented for the RNC. Unfortunately the Democrats did an equally poor job speaking to farmers.

For Republicans, highlighting agriculture should be a no-brainer. Rural America overwhelmingly votes Republican and rural farmers are some of the most stalwart Republicans. By not addressing the challenges that farmers face, Republicans ignored a critical constituency, and at the same time a critical problem facing all Americans and their food supply.

Democrats also have an interest in good agriculture policy. Democrats are increasingly clustered in urban areas that, in spite of the growing interest in urban agriculture, are not known as farming centers. However, urban areas are full of consumers who are looking for safe, healthy, and affordable food. Good agriculture policy meets the needs of these constituents as well.

The Republican and Democratic platforms do not discuss agriculture policy extensively, but at least they each mention the topic. The Republican Platform primarily takes aim at on-farm regulations, including those governing Clean Water Act jurisdiction, the Endangered Species Act, and contract livestock production. On the Farm Bill, it reprimands Congress for the time it took to pass the 2014 Farm Bill and calls for swift passage of the next Farm Bill. Finally, the platform also takes a swipe at federally subsidized crop insurance, saying:

“No segment of agriculture can expect treatment so favorable that it seriously disadvantages workers in other trades. Federal programs to assist farmers in managing risk must be as cost-effective as they are functional, offering tools that can improve producers’ ability to operate when times are tough while remaining affordable to the taxpayers.”

The Democratic Platform, by contrast, strikes a more opportunity- and investment-focused tone. It calls for “funding to support the next generation of farmers and ranchers” and it specifically references the importance of sustainable agriculture, local markets, and regional food systems. Unfortunately, the platform is missing specifics on how to accomplish these goals.

While party platforms are important, agenda-setting documents, they are no guarantee of future action. Given the lack of attention paid to agriculture at the conventions, it is going to take a lot of work to bring the policy focus onto farming. However, there are steps you can take right now to get started. To learn more, click here.









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