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NYFC Releases Exclusive "Vegetable Grower's Guide to Organic Certification"

Vegetable Growers Guide to Organic Certification - coverWhether it’s rallying for better federal programming or providing online resources for your operation, NYFC is dedicated to helping your farm thrive.  We’re excited to release a new tool for you and your farm – the Vegetable Grower’s Guide to Organic Certification.

This guide is meant for any vegetable farmer who embraces the philosophy of organic agriculture, but isn’t yet certified.  It addresses some of the challenges to certification and helps you explore the decision for your own farm.  From the history of certified organic to the steps to certification to tips on maximizing the benefits, this guide is designed to help you throughout the whole process.

Certification can be a valuable tool for your business. It can help to illustrate your farm’s growing practices and philosophy to customers, and it can supplement your marketing practices.

Of course, there are many paths to success in farming and many ways to communicate the value of your product, so organic certification isn’t for anyone.  Take a look through this guide today (it’s free to download, or you can purchase a copy at NYFC’s online store!) and decide for yourself.