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NYFC to represent young farmers on multi-stakeholder group on water in the West

HorseshoeBend square
Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River, a classic image of the lifeline to agriculture in the West.
Image by Jim Fowler – © 2013

Open up your fridge and chances are you’ll find some of the Colorado River.

Whether you’re in Florida, Wisconsin or California, or any state in between, you most likely rely on the Colorado River for part of your daily grub. Over 15% of our nation’s fruits and vegetables, much of our meat and the majority of our winter produce is grown within this one river system alone, not to mention the thousands of small farms and farmers markets growing the local foods system in the region.

Some have even called that meal on your plate a river salad.

So when it is predicted that within 40 years the Colorado River may be unable to serve over 6 million households, not to mention the farms it feeds, we all should feel the call to act.

Multi-stakeholder groups are convening now to determine how we move forward, and NYFC is ensuring young farmers have a seat at the table.

Following the release of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study, or “Basin Study,” which showed a possible 3.2 million acre-foot water deficit in the Basin by 2060 due to drought, population growth, climate change and other factors (1 acre-foot is enough water to serve about 2 average households a year), three work groups were created: Agricultural Conservation and Transfers; Municipal and Industrial Conservation and Reuse; and Healthy Flows. (Read about the July Senate hearing on the Basin Study on our blog).

We are representing young farmers on the Agricultural Conservation work group to make sure your voice is heard. As we negotiate the many demands placed on the river, we will do our best to ensure sustainable agriculture and intact ecosystems continue to thrive in the west. We’ll be keeping you up-to-date as things move ahead.

Care about healthy rivers and healthy farms? Sign our Western Water and Colorado River Pledge today!









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