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Latest from Young Farmers

The latest scoop on the Young Farmer movement from GOOD

Forked Up logoGOOD just published a new article by Jeff Gangemi, of, about NYFC’s fight to improve government ag policies:

“The NYFC is currently lobbying Congress to roll back a proposed 50 percent cut to The Beginning Rancher and Farmer Development Program, and to provide $5 million a year in mandatory funding for the Individual Development Account Program, which sets aside matching funds for beginning and apprentice farmers.
“While these proposals are critical to attracting more young farmers to the fields, it’s sometimes hard to rally the general population around admittedly wonkish policy debates. That’s why groups like the NYFC, and their sister group the Greenhorns, are also using other means to build awareness of both the challenges of becoming a young farmer, and the passion and perseverance required to successfully work the land…”

You can read the rest here!