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Colorado River & Western Water Pledge

In 2013 the Colorado River was designated America’s most endangered river. As farmers, we know that the health of our rivers is vitally important for our crops and land. 

This pledge is our chance to show our communities and decision-makers that we are willing to do our part to ensure the Colorado River keeps flowing well into the future.

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3 Responses to “Take Action”
  1. Ron Fent says:

    After almost 35 years as a leading sustainable agriculture research organization, The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas is seeking progressive-thinking, tractor-ready agriculturists. Greenhorns who can operate field equipment, hand harvest and generally support all aspects of our perennial polyculture seed development work should inquire about employment with our manager. We interact with all types of people and require open-minded, highly flexible personalities to maintain our team culture. Media savvy is also a great help as we are documented throughout the year by various regional and national educational and news organizations.
    Again, we really need to move beyond the current status-quo farming mindset of the mid-west. We are progressive, growing and highly visible around the world. Our funding is all from private donors. We strive to create a pleasant yet professional working environment and maintain a well-kept grounds at all times to present to potential donors.
    Visit our website:

  2. Nick says:

    I’m curious. The link to your webpage doesn’t work (on my iMac).

    Also, your ad recruiting farmers is 7 months old; either you stopped looking, or no one has applied — or been qualified.

    I’m starting a new farm near Boston, and I’d like to know what happened here…thanks for letting me know!

  3. Wes says:

    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for checking in! We are always looking for more beginning farmers who are interested in being a part of the speakers’ bureau – this is an on-going recruitment program.

    If you’re having trouble accessing the website, please get in touch with us directly (info@youngfarmers.org) and let us know what’s up – sometimes a technical issue comes up for certain operating systems, but we can work to correct it.

    Thanks, and best of luck to you on your new farm!

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