Leasing Farmland in the Hudson Valley and Beyond.

Land access is an obstacle oft-cited by young farmers seeking to get their business off the ground. As a group, young people looking to farm tend to be rich in energy, ideas, and ideals, but often rather short on capital. Resourceful as we are, the rise in land prices makes it unrealistic for many of us to purchase good farmland near markets at a price we can afford. The idea of farming on rented land may be hard for some to swallow: There is a very... Read More

Great Song Farm. Red Hook, NY.

I first met Anthony Mecca months ago, when I started farming in the Hudson Valley. He struck me then as a gentle, steady, patient sort of fellow, but standing in his fields at Great Song Farm on a brisk September Sunday I gained a new appreciation for these qualities. One senses it in the way he clicks and murmurs to his horses and in the way he describes his two-year search for land, which ultimately brought him to that hilly, picturesque plot in... Read More