Whitehouse.gov Guest Post – Bringing Young Americans Back to the Farm

2014 Future of American Agriculture Champions of Change, at a White House ceremony. This post, by NYFC’s Lindsey Lusher Shute, was originally published on whitehouse.gov, where Lindsey has been named a Future of American Agriculture Champion of Change. With record farmland prices, climate instability, and an agricultural economy often working against them, today’s young farmers and ranchers are all Champions of Change. They are taking tremendous... Read More

Flavor Magazine Profiles Young Farmers in the DC Foodshed

Flavor Magazine,which covers sustainable and small farms, ranches, and food artisans between the Blue Ridge and Chesapeake, just released its December issue profiling 29 young farmers in the Capital foodshed.  The article includes bio’s and interviews of these young farmers who represent the future of agriculture in the DC area.  Check out the article here!    Read More