During National Pollinator Week, Remember Your Littlest Helpers

Monarch Butterfly. Photo courtesy of the Center for Food Safety. It’s National Pollinator Week, meaning it’s time to take a moment to recognize some of the smallest and most important contributors to agriculture. Over 70 percent of crops, from almonds to clover to squash are dependent on insect pollination. While we are all familiar with honey bees as pollinators, thousands of other insects are involved, including butterflies, beetles, and native... Read More

GMO-labeling movement finds first win in Connecticut

Last month, Connecticut became the first state to pass a law requiring the labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. Read More  Read More

Moving on from Bowman v. Monsanto: Are Courts the Right Place for the Battle Over Seed Patents?

Vernon Bowman, photo courtesy of New York Times. Early last week, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of Monsanto in a case that pitted Indiana farmer Vernon Hough Bowman against the agribusiness giant. The Court unanimously held that Bowman violated Monsanto’s patent on genetically modified soybeans when he procured seeds from a grain elevator and used them to plant and select out Roundup resistant seeds for future plantings. In saving... Read More