NYFC Presents at Western Governors Association Drought Forum

National Young Farmers Coalition was invited to present during the Western Governors Association forum on “Drought Impacts and Solutions in the Agricultural Sector”. Many academics and water resource managers from California were in attendance along with several ranchers and farmers.  Jerry Brown, Governor of California and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval made an appearance for opening remarks to begin the two day event. With the deepest California drought on record and annual Colorado River  flows showing average yearly declines for more than two decades, the importance of this discussion could not be understated.  Agriculture uses 80% of the Colorado River water and when there is not enough, farmers feel the loss the most.  Western farms produce food that feeds the entire nation and making efficient use of our water resource is critical to the food supply and economy. National Young Farmers Coalition was invited to participate, share insights, and conclusions from the “Water Resiliency Project”.  A research project oriented towards learning what farm and ranch operations are doing to mitigate drought stress through on farm innovations in management.  With many of the participants focused on research, data, and modeling, the perspective of experience from farmers and ranchers shared by National Young Farmers Coalition was unique. Two primary topics discussed included the[...]Read More