Bootstrap @ Nightfall Farm – Building Community

In the last five years, each place Liz and I called home came with a vibrant agricultural support network. Simply by the virtue of location, we were surrounded by farmers, friends and food that guided and taught us what we know and how we act. We still rely on this former (and yet current) network, calling with questions and concerns that are answered with generosity and encouragement. But now we live in a different state, and our Indiana home is a bit different. Because we started a new farm rather than joined an existing farm, we didn’t plop down into a well-developed network. We are still finding our support but this month especially we are realizing that the voice in the corn was right; if you start to build it, sure enough, they will come. And I don’t mean simply customers. Obviously we cannot farm without customers, and we would not have customers without community. Here are two examples from the last month. We were invited to a Co-Op sponsored street fair, and we met an interesting chef. He quickly became a potential wholesale partner who wants more meat than we produced this season, and we immediately began calculating how much we will need to grow[...]Read More