Bootstrap @ Wild Ridge Farm – The Joy of Community

Many days this summer began with Anna, Joseph and myself tumbling out of our little red Mazda pickup into the field around 7 am, and beginning the morning’s tasks. Soon after, another red truck - this time a 90’s model Tacoma - would drive through the open gate in the deer fence around our field and our flower farmer friend Courtney would emerge. Her business partner Jamie would also often show up within the hour. They would start filling square plastic containers with water from the well, and soon after they’d be filled with cut flowers of all sizes and colors. Courtney and Jamie own and operate a small business called Flower and Bee. They grow cut flowers for flower shares, weddings, bat mitzvahs and anything else in need of gorgeous arrangements. They grow these flowers on a 1/4 acre plot in the same field where we grow our vegetables. When we of Wild Ridge decided to lease the land and launch our business we knew we’d have more than enough space for Flower and Bee. Each of our businesses have separate leases with our landlords, but everything else we share is decided upon collectively by ourselves. They share space in our walk-in cooler and the[...]Read More