Bootstrap @ Nightfall Farm – When You Have A Job To Do

This blog was in danger of sounding like an acceptance speech where I list off all the names of the people responsible for me being in a position to run a farm. I can’t separate the lessons I have learned from the people who taught me. So to really talk about my training to be a farmer, I’ll pretend it was a planned out education instead of just happening. Training is a funny thing. I didn’t turn to agriculture until I was 25, and not whole-hog until 27. I didn’t grow up learning about animals, soil or bookkeeping. Not a day goes by without me wishing that I had at least five more years experience, or that I had worked for more farms before starting our own farm. But when you have to do something, you learn how to do it. I had a job to do – that sums up my training. I had to sell produce at an upscale farmers market in Pittsburgh, so I learned to taste vegetables with a salesman’s perspective and a poet’s vocabulary. It wasn’t hard; that season was my first experience with farm-fresh food and it made me want to gush about deliciousness to strangers[...]Read More