Heart and Grain: A not-so-restful winter

By John Wepking, Meadowlark Organics and Bickford Organics  As anyone who has had a garden can attest, buying seed is one of the most exciting activities of the farming year. Seed-buying is always full of hope and promise—nothing has had the opportunity to go wrong… yet. But this winter was so busy, seed buying really got away from us. Winters are generally occupied with delivering hay and grain to a network of farmers in southwest Wisconsin, working in our shop, keeping up with farm maintenance, and planning for the next year. This winter we took on the additional task of designing and sourcing equipment for a granary that we’re in the process of building. Our goal is to build a facility to clean and store organic grains for the milling, malting, and distillery markets. By launching this enterprise, we will be able to add value to the crops we grow, have more control over how our grains are marketed, and build equity in the farm operation where we work. It's an exciting project, but it made for an extremely busy winter. In December and January, there’s always a feeling that the entire winter still lies ahead and there’s plenty of time to pull together[...]Read More