July News: NYFC at White House, Student Debt on the Agenda, FSA Elections, Land Trust Ed

Here at NYFC, we think farmers should be spending the summer fighting weeds, fixing fences and growing food—not worrying about student debt and untenable leases. In this July newsletter, we'll tell you about two exciting campaigns NYFC is taking on: tackling student loan debt and fighting for affordable land. Plus, see us at the White House and read updates on federal programs and local events.    Is Student Debt Keeping You From Farming?           Americans are carrying more student loan debt than ever before. Approximately 37 million people have student loan debt-- on average $24,301. This adds up to roughly one trillion dollars in total outstanding debt. Paying all of this debt is an enormous burden. Between 2004 and 2009, only 37% of borrowers were able to make timely payments on all their loans. As a coalition of young farmers, we know first-hand that student debt is a major obstacle to starting a farming career. College students who graduated in 2008 and went into agriculture as their primary occupation were still carrying, on average, over $11,000 in debt four years later. For some people, student loans create barriers to accessing the credit that a beginning farm needs. For others, student loans prevent borrowers from entering farming at[...]Read More