Land Stewardship Program Releases New Report – “Crop Insurance – How a Safety Net Became a Farm Policy Disaster.”

Although we don't often discuss it, one of the largest ways that the government and US farming community interact are through crop insurance. NYFC focuses on highlighting and reforming the many programs and institutions that play a big role in beginning farmers' lives, and for most - in particular for first-generation farmers - crop insurance isn't high on that list. But we can't ignore crop insurance programs completely, especially when it becomes such a big part of the national discourse on the USDA. For that reason, we're thrilled to report that our friends at the Land Stewardship Project have released a  new three-part report, "Crop Insurance - How a Safety Net Became a Farm Policy Disaster." The report brings to light some of the systemic issues of the crop insurance program, namely that despite its large pricetag, much of that support actually goes to large agricultural corporations. In fact, one incidental effect is to make it more difficult for beginning farmers, by artificially increasing land prices. Broken down into three papers, the report lays out: "The Corporate Connection": The actual crop insurance that farmers get is provided by private companies that sell policies and make a profit off them. These include corporations like the American Farm Bureau[...]Read More