Western Water Trainings

The future of agriculture depends on water. Young Farmers brings Western farmers and ranchers the water information they need to help shape that future.

Young Farmer’s Western Water Trainings help ensure that young farmers have the resources to understand their water rights, engage in meaningful conservation, and  enter roles of water leadership. Young Farmers convenes local water experts in Western states to dig into Prior Appropriation, unpack the myths and realities behind “Use it or lose it,” weave through Colorado River Basin policy and interstate compacts, discuss conservation and efficiency financing, and more.

Questions these trainings address include:

    • “What do I need to know about water when looking for land?”
    • “Can I conserve water without forfeiting my water right?”
    • “How do state regulations impact my irrigation options?”
    • “How can I finance conservation and efficiency upgrades on my farm or ranch?”
    • “Who do I call when I have a question?”
    • “How do I get involved?”

In addition to in-person Western water trainings, Young Farmers is building an online water resource hub, connecting you to key water policymakers and administrators in your state, and producing downloadable Western water podcasts you can listen to from the field.

Learn more about our Water campaign here

Learning from a local ditch rider at Young Farmer’s Boulder County Water Bootcamp (2017)

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