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Chicago's New Rooftop Farm – The Urban Canopy

A new rooftop farm project by The Urban Canopy aims to show how rooftops can be used as small farms throughout Chicago to grow fresh fruits and veggies organically and sustainably. Along with farming vacant lots–or even entire abandoned buildings–rooftop farming is a vital part of the growing urban agriculture movement to recreate a local […]

Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm. Philadelphia, PA.

We’re wandering through a dark maze of a warehouse, down corridors and up flights of stairs, and it would be eerie if not for my jubilant companions. We emerge onto the rooftop, and it’s quite a scene–the light patter of rain, a vast, dark expanse, lights and traffic noise below, and puddles accumulating where the […]

Ohio State Study Shows Potential for Urban Agriculture

According to a new study just released by Ohio State University, “Can Cities Become Self-Reliant in Food?,”  Cleveland and other major cities in the US could produce up to 100 percent of their food needs through urban agriculture.  Doing this would save up to $155 million each year, boost employment, and reduce obesity.  According to the […]

Chicago Passes Ordinance Permitting Widespread Urban Farming

Some positive changes are on the horizon that will help urban agriculture in Chicago—and hopefully serve as a model for other cities across the country.  Just this past week, Chicago’s City Council approved an amendment to the zoning code allowing for more widespread urban farming.  This amendment allows for urban gardens of up to 25,000 […]

Caitlin Arnold and Holly Mills, Oregon

Tell me a little bit about your farm. Sidewalk’s End Farm is located in the city of Portland, Oregon. We farm five city plots and one large rural one, focusing on northwestern hardy, late season, and storage crops. The farm was started by four people–Holly, Jud, Rachel, and Tom–who lived and gardened together for three […]









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