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Last chance to get your pest questions answered!

Today and tomorrow are your last chances to pick the brain of NYFC’s two pest management experts on the Farmer Forum! The NYFC Farmers Forum is the place to find immediate answers on managing farm pests naturally with beneficial insects, traps and sprays.  To date, we’ve talked about options for organically dealing with leaf hoppers […]

World-Renowned Soil Biologist will be answering YOUR questions on the Farmer Forum!

The NYFC Farmer Forum is the place to go for answers to all your farm-related questions. We are pleased to announce that next week, June 24-28th, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Rodale Institute’s chief scientist, will log on to the forum each day to answer your questions in the “Soil and Fertility” section of the Farmer Forum.  […]

Rodale study shows benefits of organic farming over conventional

A recent study by the Rodale Institute brings good news for organic farmers:  According to the report, organic agriculture outperforms conventional farming in years of drought, and increases the organic matter content of soil rather than depleting it.  Organic farming also uses 45 percent less energy, produces less greenhouse, and is more profitable than conventional […]