Farm Bill Breakdown: What's Not So Great

Yes, we have a farm bill.  Let me repeat that, for those who’ve been hearing us talk about this this so much over the past two years: we now have a new five-year farm bill. This marks the conclusion of a monumental effort over the past two and a half years to pass a bill; […]

2014 Farm Bill Passes Final Hurdle, Signed into Law

It’s official – we now have a farm bill.  On Friday, President Obama officially signed it into law, marking the end of two years of campaigning.  As we previously reported, the bill is a mixed bag of good and bad.  Funding for many beginning farmer programs, including the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program, are […]

Guest Post: A Statement by the Network of Black Farm Groups and Advocates

As the Pigford I settlement comes to fruition, the Network of Black Farm Groups and Advocates reflects on the efforts to address decades of discrimination  against black farmers.  This post was originally published by the group last week in the Nation Builders.  History of the Pigford Settlement The Pigford I settlement is based on the […]