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In late 2009, three farmers in the Hudson Valley sat down together around a farmhouse table to talk about the challenges facing them and their peers.

They talked about difficulties securing loans, access to affordable farmland, and student loan debt. They decided that they and other young farmers needed to step up and fight for the future of farming as a united, national front. Across the country, other young farmers  were also coming to the same realization. Groups like the Michigan Young Farmers Coalition, the New Connecticut Farmers Alliance, and the Washington Young Farmers Coalition were taking shape at around the same time.

Our founders brought their idea for a national coalition to the first Stone Barns Young Farmers Conference in Tarrytown, NY, in 2009.  There was such excitement in the room that the farmers named the coalition on the spot.

The National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC) was founded by and for a new generation of farmers in the United States. We work in coalition with farmers, consumers, organizations, and government to tackle the many challenges that young, independent farmers face in their first years operating a farm business.

NYFC joined the Open Space Institute in 2010 as part of their Citizen Action fiscal sponsorship program. In 2014, NYFC became fiscally sponsored by The Center for Rural Affairs. In 2016, NYFC became an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our first Advisory Council is pictured above: Severine von Tscharner Fleming, Michelle Hughes, Tierney Creech, Sean Stanton, Lindsey Lusher Shute (back row, L-R); Wes Hannah, Emily Oakley, Ben Shute (front row, L-R).


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  1. I have admired the group.i am a junior young farmer in East Africa i wish to learn more and more from your association.I have masters degree but i prefer farming than white color jobs.I was hesitating to ful ingage myself into farming but i have got the courage after reading your web.

  2. AM Lukooya Charles in Uganda East Africa interested in farming , i also work with cidi school of gardening and Land escaping , i was just checking on farming , so i thought of forming the Association in Uganda for young people , with the idea i ve got now i can at least start and come up with an Association which i believe ll attract young people to join Agriculture
    lukooya . i need your prayers and encouragement

  3. What a great inspiration, 3 people with common concerns taking the time and courage to envision what has now become the NYFC. As a nurse, foodie, and nutrition advocate, it is imperative that we promote smaller, sustainable farms to help meet the needs of our communities. I applaud your efforts and you have my support.

  4. We have a small farm/homestead of 38 acres, mostly woods, with about 10 acres of pasture and a well stocked lake north of Youngstown. We would like to work with a younger farm family to take over the farm, hopefully through a land trust or other cooperative venture. We help run a food hub with a multi-level membership – growers, processors, consumers, and institutional buyers and will soon open a coop cafe and a grocery store. We also have an urban housing coop Resettle Youngstown, working to re-use some of our large historic houses so not all get demolished. Inquiries welcome.

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