Farmer Solidarity Fund

Farmers throughout the U.S. have benefited from USDA COVID-19 relief aid this year, through programs such as the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 (CFAP2). This emergency aid has been key to supporting farmers during the pandemic.

“Without this aid, we would have had to incur more debts. We already had to defer on loans and take out more credit to stay open this year.”

But the work of providing COVID-19 relief aid to all U.S-based farmers in need is not done. Farmers who are undocumented face significant barriers in accessing pandemic relief due to citizenship status, language inaccessibility, and under resourcing of USDA outreach.

The Farmer Solidarity Fund will distribute donations to undocumented farmers who have not been able to access pandemic relief.

We have partnered with MIFFS and RAFI-USA to distribute these funds to undocumented farmers.

Michigan Food and Farming Systems (MIFFS): Connecting beginning and historically underserved farmers to each other and resource opportunities; ensuring social justice, environmental stewardship, and profitability.

Rural Advancement Foundation International – USA (RAFI-USA): RAFI-USA challenges the root causes of unjust food systems, supporting and advocating for economically, racially, and ecologically just farm communities.

Show your solidarity and show up strong for each and every farmer in this country today. Support the Farmer Solidarity Fund.

Farmer Solidarity Fund


Farmers FYI: Although your donation is tax deductible, it cannot be considered a business expense.

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