Convergence Planning Committee

Josefina Lara Chavez

Josefina was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, she immigrated with her family in 1994 to the Salinas Valley where she currently resides. She is a fourth-generation family farmer and is passionate about the arts, policy, food justice, and regenerative agriculture. She

Laura Xiao

Laura has been farming in California and Washington for the past few years. She is motivated by her commitment to building healthier relationships with land, and the all-you-can-eat vegetables are a strong reinforcer too.

Michelle Week

Michelle Week is a first-generation female native farmer. She owns and operates x̌ast sq̓it (hast squeit) which translates to Good Rain in the traditional language of the sngaytskstx (Sinixt) the Arrow Lakes Peoples, a one-acre mixed produce CSA, and raises

Tre Smith

My name is Tre Smith, I am a student at Oklahoma State University pursuing a degree in Agricultural Communications and Marketing. Over the past five years I have been heavily involved in the swine industry. I have a passion for

Qaadir Anderson

I was introduced to Young Farmers through my work with Sankofa Village Community Garden-Farm. Sankofa Village Community Garden’s (Pittsburgh, PA) ultimate goal is to eradicate the Food Apartheid that exists within our communities. We approach this through providing place-based education,

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