Josefina Lara Chavez

Josefina was born in Guanajuato, Mexico, she immigrated with her family in 1994 to the Salinas Valley where she currently resides. She is a fourth-generation family farmer and is passionate about the arts, policy, food justice, and regenerative agriculture. She has a graduate degree in Public Administration, with a focus on Conflict, Security and Development […]

Laura Xiao

Laura has been farming in California and Washington for the past few years. She is motivated by her commitment to building healthier relationships with land, and the all-you-can-eat vegetables are a strong reinforcer too.

Michelle Week

Michelle Week is a first-generation female native farmer. She owns and operates x̌ast sq̓it (hast squeit) which translates to Good Rain in the traditional language of the sngaytskstx (Sinixt) the Arrow Lakes Peoples, a one-acre mixed produce CSA, and raises heritage breed meat rabbits.  Michelle is a descendant of the Indigenous Sinixt and French. The […]

Tre Smith

My name is Tre Smith, I am a student at Oklahoma State University pursuing a degree in Agricultural Communications and Marketing. Over the past five years I have been heavily involved in the swine industry. I have a passion for being able to bridge the gap between producers and consumers. I always tell people if […]

Qaadir Anderson

I was introduced to Young Farmers through my work with Sankofa Village Community Garden-Farm. Sankofa Village Community Garden’s (Pittsburgh, PA) ultimate goal is to eradicate the Food Apartheid that exists within our communities. We approach this through providing place-based education, exposure to entrepreneurship, and programs restoring the multi-generational relationships that have been an integral part […]