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Alexis Albanez

I work on an organic soil farm, growing many different vegetables and fruits in families such as brasscias, Solanaceae, cucurbitaceace, Poaceace and many others. I am also apart of growing mushrooms outdoors in different methods in soil, straw, logs, etc. I am working on a plan to produce multiple varieties of mushrooms at the same […]

Martice Scales

Martice Scales is a small-scale all-natural veggie and herb farmer in southeast Wisconsin. He farms 2 acres with his wife, Amy, their 3 kids and 2 part-time farm hands on rented land. He is passionate about BIPOC farmers in both the urban and rural context, and is excited to take part in system disruption that […]

Bari Geiger

Bari studied Philosophy and Environmental Studies with a focus on agricultural ethics at SUNY Geneseo. Learning from mentors, Bari developed a deep passion for and knowledge of ecological agriculture at Heartstone Organic Farm (Dansville, NY), A Way of Life Farm (Bostic, NC) and Frost Valley YMCA Farm (Claryville, NY). Bari is a member of National […]

Renee Foster

Bio:  Renee Foster, a Navy Veteran, currently serves as the President of Hampton Roads Urban Agriculture. She previously served as Chair of Virginia’s USDA/FSA Urban Agriculture County Committee. Renee has been an urban producer of vegetables and fruits for eight years. Renee began Hampton Roads Urban Agriculture after attending the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Certificate Program […]

M.C. Whelan

MC Whelan (she/her) is the farm manager at Massaro Community Farm in Woodbridge, CT. MC has been working on farms since she was a teenager and has also studied and spent time with global farmers’ movements. She is passionate about farmer-led organizing and believes that farmers can be a big part of the solution to […]

Hannah Bernhardt

Hannah Bernhardt raises and direct-markets grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured pork at Medicine Creek Farm in NE Minnesota on Anishinaabe land. She also educates the public about regenerative agriculture through agritourism and public presentations. Hannah was an inaugural member of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Emerging Farmers Working Group, serves on the National Farmers […]

Nicolás Garcia

Current Practices: Treehouse Urban Farm- Regenerative, Hügelkultur, Dry Farm, Specialty Crops, Native Ecotypes, Micro-livestock, Value Added Products, Traditional Medicine Boys Grow- Educational, Regenerative, Junior Vocational Training, Farm to School, Specialty Crops, Poultry, Micro-livestock, Agro-tourism, Value Added Products   Agricultural Background: Guerrilla grower, yard farmer, and founding member of several Kansas City and Lawrence area community […]

“Pork” Rhyne Cureton

Bio: “Pork Rhyne, ‘The Pork Evangelist,’ is an award-winning international agribusiness educator and consultant with a unique approach to blending regenerative farming and business marketing. Notably recognized by PBS, FOX News, ABC News, and esteemed universities like Cornell and NC State, Rhyne brings his wealth of experience and hope to the NYFC Policy Committee. As […]

Kirsten Couevas

Current Practices: Regenerative farming No tilling cover crops Rotation grazing grass fed/finished beef & pasture pork Also growing veggies and herbs for local community. I also consult for other farmers/people to help with soil management & water conservation.   Agricultural Background: I am first farmer that is headed into my 7th seasoning of running my […]

Lydia Nebel

Bio:  Lydia was born and raised in southwest Missouri. She started her farming-as-a-career journey in Kansas City, Kansas AND Missouri, also beginning to learn about the wider environmental and economic importance of sustainable and regenerative food production. Since then she has also farmed and organized in New York City, the Mahicannituk (Hudson) Valley, and Melbourne, […]
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