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Adam Igwe

Here at Water Rock Farming, we practice what we call hemp-based permaculture: this is regenerative, sustainable, and climate-smart farming practices of all types put together around our commodity hemp crop we grow. Basically, we use hemp to grow hemp. The biowaste from our hemp is resourcefully used as compost and other soil amendments to build […]

Chalchiuhkoatl Kardós

chalchiuhkoatl “chalchi” (they/them, elle) is a transqueer two-spirit nepantleru of maaya, german and danish descendance. they tend space at the in-between as a healer, traditional birthworker, parent and learner of el solar, le kool, y la huerta. they make home at minowakiing :: traditional homelands of hoocak, bodewadmi, mamaceqtaw, and black liberator lands, colonially known […]

Sign Herman-Crawford

My name is Sign C. I am a two-spirit, multicultural being holding resilience through land education and reconnection. My focus is to continue the study and teachings of traditional medicines from the Midwest’s Indigenous/first land stewards. The funds being given will be used to bring in community to our space more regularly and to host […]

Chloe Moore

Chloe Moore (he/she) serves Southside Community Farm as farm manager, where she grows and distributes healthy food and leads events such as the Southside BIPOC Farmers Market. Chloe strives to reconnect people of color with land and food in ways that feel empowering, restorative, and delightful. He is a queer, Black, and Boricua landless farmer, […]

Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong is co-owner of Star Route Farm and organizer of the Catskills Agrarian Alliance. She continues to work towards a complete food system transformation that (1) prioritizes living wages, healthcare, and secure housing for all food system workers, (2) centers and creates conditions for BIPOC agrarianism to actually flourish, (3) replaces extraction with mutual-aid […]

Troy Fletcher

I am a 38 year old young, Indigenous person from the largest reservation in California, known as Hoopa. My love for fishing and farming began at a young age, stripping fish with my grandparents in the smokehouse next to our family’s organic garden. Living in poverty afforded us the ability to cultivate the land in […]

Trayaun Birgan

My wife and I, who are first generation farmers, run a 13-acre regenerative farm in Alabama called T&K’s Faith, Love, Community Farm. We use animals and natural resources to improve our land and serve our community. With the funds provided by the National Young Farmers Coalition, plus our innovative thoughts, we plan to kickstart growth […]

Kenneth Sparks II

I am an African American, Southern California farmer originally from Ohio. On my farm, The Farmer Ken, I grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and have a flock of chickens for fresh eggs. The food is provided to the greater Los Angeles area. The Young Farmer Grant will help continue the build out of the farm […]

Drew Scott Glover

I am a worker-owner at the Local Farm Cooperative located in Selma, Alabama. Built on the belief that a strong community requires strong relationships, The Local Farm Cooperative is dedicated to creating an alternative economy that serves people, values the importance of labor, and is informed and led by individuals directly impacted by white supremacy, […]

Katya Castillo

We are a small, multicultural organic farm, residential community, educational hub, and healing space located on ancient MiWok Land in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, California. Thirteen Sisters Farm is a sanctuary for learning, healing, reconnecting, decolonizing, remembering, and living in reciprocal relationship with the land, humans, and our more-than-human kin. In addition to […]
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