2022 NM Water Fellow

Mallika Singh

Mallika Singh is a poet, cook, and farmer who writes about environment and intimacies. Mallika is from many places and is currently based on Tiwa land in Albuquerque, NM. They spend most of their days learning, frolicking, and weaving relationships

Callan Buday

I have lived in Albuquerque all my life and have been farming for the past 7 years. I’ve worked on several farms in Albuquerque and the surrounding area, including one that I owned and operated. Right now I’m also attending

Navona Gallegos

I was born and raised in Santa Fe and spent a lot of time connecting with the land in NM as I grew up between Santa Fe and my family’s multi-generational ranch in Tucumcari. I studied ecology at the University

Amara Szrom

Amara Szrom is a student, teacher, and event organizer working within food security, ecological design, and water projects. She is especially interested in practices that bring communities back into connection and stewardship with our life support systems of soil and

Angie Mestas

I grew up on a working ranch and farm with my family, who has been in the business for generations. We ranch between northern NM and southern CO. I went to school for agriculture, biology, and plant pathology and am

LeVar Eady

Being in love with cultivating and health his whole life, LeVar joined the commercial cannabis/hemp space in 2015, and the idea for Top Harvest Club began. He is passionate about the cultivation of a myriad of plants and wants to

Joseluis Ortiz

Joseluis M. Ortiz y Muniz is an Indigenous, land-based native New Mexican from the Genizaro land grant (La Merced de Santo Tomas el Apostol de Rio de Las Trampas) village of Llano De La Yegua. He currently lives with his

Leslie Wood

After graduating from UNM in 2013 with a marketing degree, I spent years working for the man. Eventually I realized the trauma capitalism and consumerism inflicts on myself, others, and the planet. My journey of dismantling those effects began slowly

Matthew Encinias

I have lived in Chimayo for most of my life. I work with different groups in taking care of the land.  My motivation is the next generation. I like to learn and try new things.

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