2020 Policy Committee

Lindsay Troyer

Lindsay Troyer, Northeast, Former Farmer / Community Gardener Lindsay lives in the suburbs between NYC and Philadelphia, and for over a decade, has consulted for many of the food producers and food makers in the area working in the specialty food

Rhyston Mays

Rhyston Mays, NE BIPOC, Farmer Rhyston is a Hudson Valley transplant from Chicago, and graduate of Vassar College in Sociology. They aim to build upon their experiences in agriculture to engage with issues of land access and food sovereignty in

Leons Kabongo

Leons Kabongo, SE, Previous Farmer / Market Garden Program Coordinator Greetings ladies and gentlemen! My name is Leons Kabongo, and it is an honor and the privilege to serve as the South-East Regional policy Representative at the National Young Farmers

Myllasa Riggins

Myllasa Riggins, SE BIPOC, Farmer’s Assistant Myllasa is a local artivist and community groundskeeper in the heart of the South Carolina.  They can be found planting seeds in the minds of future generations through their work in equality, social activism,

Hannah Breckbill

Hannah Breckbill, MW, Farmer Hannah Breckbill co-owns Humble Hands Harvest, a worker-owned cooperative farm in the Driftless region of Northeast Iowa growing organic vegetables, pastured pork, and grass fed and finished lamb. She’s passionate about sustainable land tenure for young

Brian Estes

Brian Estes, NW Farmers Cooperative Staff / Member-owner Brian Estes is a life-long eastern Washingtonian. After spending his 20s farming and working with food systems organizations, Brian joined the staff of LINC Farmers Cooperative in 2017, where he currently helps lead

Nyema Clark

Nyema Clark, NW BIPOC, Farmer / CBO Director Seattle native, Nyema Clark is founder and Director of Nurturing Roots Farm located on Beacon Hill, a program committed to addressing food justice issues in the community. She currently hosts workshops ranging

Andy Breiter

Andy Brieter, SW, Previous / Aspiring Farmer Andy Breiter is the President of the Flatirons Chapter of NYFC based in Boulder, CO. Andy has been a full time farmer the past 6 farming seasons. He has worked on wide acreage

JaSon Auguste

JaSon Auguste, SW BIPOC, Farmer My name is JaSon (Jah-Son) Auguste. I am one of the founding members and Farm Directors of Frontline Farming, a farmer advocacy and food justice organization based in Denver, CO. For the past four years,

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