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National Young Farmers Coalition | Region: Midwest


IL | Northern Illinois Young Farmers Coalition

The Northern Illinois chapter aims to support the major themes in National Young Farmers Coalition’s policies, including #farmingisapublicservice, debt relief, and access to land and educational resources for farmers. We are devoted to supporting equity in access to land and resources to farmers

The West MI Chapter is focusing on land access for BIPOC farmers in Grand Rapids through a project called Seeding Reclamation. You can support them by donating or sharing their GoFundMe for land acquisition and startup costs for these growers.

The Central Illinois Young Farmers Coalition is open to farmers of all ages, as well as chefs, farmer advocates, and aspiring farmers, who are leading the way to create a healthier, more hopeful food system. The group plans to organize social and learning events for

Formed in 2019, the Central Kansas Young Farmers Coalition seeks to connect with and support young and beginning farmers in our region. We strive to create community, learn from one another, and build each other up; benefiting us both individually

The Driftless Young Farmers Coalition is a new chapter as of 2018, tying together communities across state lines in Northeast Iowa, Southeast Minnesota, and Southwest Wisconsin. We are working in particular on land access for regenerative farmers in this industrially

The Eastern Iowa Young Farmers Coalition is a group of farmers and consumers.  We champion the collective interests of young and beginning farmers throughout the state of Iowa. Iowa is a state with a long agricultural history and rich soil–

The Central Oklahoma Young Farmers Coalition is a farmer-led organization founded to build camaraderie, tackle farm and community projects, and advocate for policy issues that impact the livelihoods of young farmers in Oklahoma. Farmers from all over the state are

Central Ohio Young Farmers Coalition began in 2016 as a farmer-led voice and resource for Columbus, Ohio area growers. We organize quarterly advocacy, educational, and fun events for rural and urban beginning farmers with a focus on small-scale sustainability. Connect

KC Young Farmers Coalition formed in February 2019. Our members include urban and rural farmers ranging in experience from aspiring to farmers with ten years or less experience in agriculture. KC Young Farmers extends membership to farmer allies who wish

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