Federal Policy Setting Process

The new Young Farmers Federal Policy Setting Process is here!

Give us your feedback now through September 29, 2019. 

We’ve been working with our chapter members from across the country for months, and the new Young Farmers Federal Policy Setting Process is finally here!

We need your feedback to make sure this process is inclusive of all of the voices in our coalition. 

In prior years, our national survey reports have helped frame our federal policy campaigns. This process included limited member involvement outside of the survey. The following newly improved process has been developed with farmers at the center! See below for a brief overview of the process and the many ways you can provide feedback. Thanks in advance for your time. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Policy Committee

The new Young Farmers federal policy setting process was developed by an ad hoc committee of Young Farmers chapter representatives, at-large representatives, and Young Farmers board members over the past six months. The process will assess, develop, and prioritize the organization’s federal policy reform efforts. It is designed to be a farmer-centered, attainable, equitable and inclusive, energizing, impactful, and proactive process to create a platform for federal policy reform. 

The proposal for Young Farmers’ new federal policy setting process includes the creation of a policy committee made up of 19 dues-paying representatives – 11 regional chapter members and eight representatives from Young Farmers new affinity groups – and two board members. All committee members will be self-nominated and voted on by their peers. 



The process will run on a timeline based on the Congressional calendar. The platform will be built by the policy committee using the results of a biennial (every two years) policy survey and report-outs from annual policy meetings held by chapters and affinity groups. The platform will be approved by dues-paying members via a democratic vote.

The Policy Setting Process


Read the Full Proposal!

Once you’ve had a chance to read it through, let us know what you think starting
now through September 29. There are two ways to share your thoughts: 


  1. Fill out the Federal Policy Setting Process Feedback form OR
  2. Email your questions, concerns, and feedback to policy@youngfarmers.org.


And make sure you are an active member! The final process will go out for a vote on November 1 and only dues-paying folks will vote. Here’s the link to join.



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