Roberto Meza


While a grad student at MIT in the Art, Culture, and Technology program, Roberto was inspired by student projects addressing food production in urban landscapes. His career quickly transitioned from the arts to agriculture with a focus on food access. After a hiatus working on farms and observing problems in our food systems, Roberto moved to Colorado with childhood friend Dave Demerling, and started their own farm. On a mission to cultivate, heal, and transform communities with access to fresh food, Roberto cofounded Emerald Gardens in 2017. Using passive solar greenhouse design Emerald Gardens grows, harvests, and distributes microgreens and edible flowers to restaurants, grocery stores, food pantries, and individual residents in the Denver/Boulder area year-round. They currently occupy 35 acres in Bennett, Colorado and operate sustainably using geothermal and passive-solar energy. In 2020, Roberto cofounded the East Denver Food Hub, which works to create an equitable, sustainable, and resilient food system that meets the needs of communities and rural food producers. In partnership with Front Range producers, High Plains Food Co-op, Bondadosa, and nonprofits, the EDFH promotes equity and inclusion in our food system and expands access to fresh and ethically-produced food. Roberto is the chair of Membership and Outreach for Mile High Farmers, the local chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition and the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union. He is also a member of the Denver Sustainable Food Policy Council, and board member of the High Plains Food Co-op.