Nancy Aragon


Nancy Aragon is a queer, bruha, eco-feminist born in the Indigenous land of Cuzcatlan, known today as El Salvador. She grew up in North East Los Angeles and majored in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies at California State University Los Angeles. Nancy’s politics include intersectional feminism, pro-choice, no borders, Black lives matter, ni una mas, body positivity, return stolen land to Indigenous people’s, water is life, prison abolition, free them all, queer and trans liberation now, free Puerto Rico and free Palestine. Through urban farming, Nancy empowers people to advocate for food sovereignty, organic urban agriculture, public green spaces, and equitable, sustainable and regional food systems. Currently, she serves as a Farm Facilitator at a community garden in South Central LA. Nancy is also part of an herbalist collective that creates critical dialogue around self-preservation, decolonizes wellness and self-care, imagines what community care could look like and politicizes healing as liberation. When she is not slaying the patriarchy, you can find Nancy reading up on queer ecology and tending to her medicinal garden!