Martha Huizar


Martha Huizar, MS, RDN, CLC, CCHC, is the founder and co-owner of Martha’s City Farm, a biodiverse micro urban farm with a mission to produce the highest quality products, services, and foods for her community. Martha is part of a family first, but is also an active member of the Arizona community, an urban farmer, gardener, dietitian, higher education instructor, certified lactation counselor, and a childcare health consultant. She is committed to a lifestyle, professionally and personally, that promotes what is good for the people and the planet.  Her passion includes promoting wellness literacy in the areas of nutrition, food, and health. She is experienced in the health and wellness industry with a variety of audiences, including research and education, community service, early childhood education, higher education, consultations, professional development, and training. Martha is from an agricultural town and surroundings, Yuma, Arizona. She obtained a Bachelor and Master of Science in Nutrition, and a Certificate in College Teaching from the University of Arizona. Her hobbies include cooking, running, growing food, and tending to laying hens.  Email:  Business Website: