Leslie Wood


After graduating from UNM in 2013 with a marketing degree, I spent years working for the man. Eventually I realized the trauma capitalism and consumerism inflicts on myself, others, and the planet. My journey of dismantling those effects began slowly with removing myself from those systems of oppression. When the pandemic hit in 2020, it sent my mission into overdrive and I took a more active role fighting against these oppressive ideologies. I moved with my wife from Albuquerque to her birth lands in Dixon to farm and live in sync with natural forces as a form of protest against the systematic oppression associated with modern society. Currently I am devoted to helping create food security and general resilience in our historically Hispanic and agricultural community that has fallen victim to acts of white supremacy – like gentrification and effects of climate change. I farm as a means to fight racism and environmental injustice and restore power to BIPOC individuals.
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