Kel Komenda

I co-own a specialty-cut flower farm with my partner, Rebecca Maillet. Rebecca started the farm in 2018, and as her romantic partner, I instantaneously became the after-hours and weekend helper with the farm’s inception. I lost my day job with the onset of the pandemic and joined Rebecca in a full-time capacity to help to save the farm, which included undertaking large infrastructure projects to help create a COVID-safe working environment for our employees. We are both first-generation farmers with no inherited wealth, land, or equipment. We rent an apartment an hour from our farm, as it is too expensive to live near our rented farmland, but we are actively trying to change those circumstances. As workers-turned-business-owners, we are committed to creating a daily working environment that is founded on an open-door policy of feedback, that feels as supportive as possible, and is a workplace that we would want to be a part of as an employee. As a queer and trans person, my ultimate goal is to overthrow capitalism, but for the time being, I am constantly thinking through ways to function outside of capitalism by using our business as a tool to help better serve our community, including providing a safe working environment for trans asylum seekers and queer community members.

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