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Jason Grimm


Jason owns and operates Grimm Family Farm near Williamsburg, IA. Jason raises dry beans, pastured poultry and produce for restaurants, grocers, institutions and direct markets throughout Iowa. Jason and his wife Hannah and their two boys Emmet and Elliot live in Williamsburg.   In addition to farming Jason works full time as the Deputy Director at Iowa Valley Resource Conservation and Development in Amana. Jason is a leader in Iowa’s food system work with more than a decade of experience in community food systems. He cultivates local and statewide networks, farm-to-business supply chain coordination, and collaborative project development.  He has led more than 25 workshops for more than 250 beginning farmers. Grimm has developed tools to improve efficiency and ensure professionalism including production agreement templates, a statewide Iowa Farm to School Toolkit, a statewide shared-use kitchen online platform called Iowa Kitchen Connect and a food safety and harvest tracking software called FarmTabs for area farmers. Grimm acts as a Value Chain Coordinator connecting producers to each other, to viable markets, and institutions, and cultivates relationships within the food system.